Investigation & Intervention of Family and Domestic Violence

Wednesday, February 28, 20188:00 amThursday, March 1, 20185:00 pm
Child Advocacy Center - 5025 Garland St., Lincoln

During this two (2) day course, officers will be presented ideas and techniques to assist them in dealing with domestic violence to include spouse abuse, child abuse and elder abuse.
The letter of the law has changed over the past century. Society no longer has a legal right to act violently towards people with whom they live. But the spirit of the law remains ambivalent, reflecting the mixed feelings of many in our society. Many people, both rich and poor, will believe that family fights should remain a private matter. However, recent developments including the feminist movement and increased attention given to rights and needs of victims, have placed greater pressure on the police and department of social services to treat domestic assaults as seriously as they treat other assaults.
Domestic violence may include not only the intimate partner relationships of spousal, live-in partners and dating relationships, also family, elder and child abuse may be present in a violent home. Abuse generally falls into one or more of the following categories: physical battering, sexual assault and emotional or psychological abuse, including destruction of property and pets, all forms generally escalates over a period of time.

Cost is free for Child Advocacy Center investigative multidisciplinary team members. To register please contact Christy Prang at or call 402.476.3200.